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Welcome to your pre-work process, this exercise is designed to get you thinking (differently), get to know your areas of growth, what is working for you right now, and what is ready for change. 


The pre-work exercise is about creativity, brainstorming, honesty, and getting to the heart of what you truly want from and for your business. There are no wrong answers. There is no judgment. This is confidential. Answer from your heart.


I'm so excited to take this journey together.






Current Situation

Tell me about your business (or idea), and where it is at right now

Future vision

Tell me where you want to be

Your clients/community

Tell me who you are building relationships with


Tell me how or what you have in place to streamline your process


There are no right or wrong answers here. We are constantly learning and evolving our relationship to the practice of well-being as an individual and as a business

Cherry on the top

This question invites you to speak freely from your heart, and your vision for the future...

Thank you!

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