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A successful business starts with relationships


Business is a relational practice, much like creativity.

If you’re toiling over every task on your own, overthinking your process and overwhelmed by your to-do list, you miss out on the magic of collaboration. We create a ripe space for your ideas and that big vision by empowering you to BELIEVE in what you’re here to create.

No two businesses are the same

We make it real through our bespoke creative well-being practices, branding and coaching process. No two businesses are the same so we’ve built that into the way we work (you’ll understand this more when you work with us).

One thing we want you to believe, wholeheartedly, is in your own resilience – you already have what it takes. But often you feel lost or exhausted because you’re a human being (not a human doing). Perhaps you’ve come from a working environment that kept you ‘wired and tired’ for years, so you don’t know any other way. Or maybe you crave more ease and flow in the day-to-day but aren’t sure where to start or if it’s even possible.  If life has taught us anything it’s that when we fill our own cup first, we can then – and only then – fill the cups of others. The same applies in business.

Amy Luttrell

Founder, Coach & Speaker

Life is dynamic – it’s normal that it affects your business. 


Traditionally, it’s been the masculine side of business that’s taken centre stage. But now we’re seeing new models emerge that are organic, sustainable and embody the feminine – we are living through the death of ‘hustle culture’ and the birth of the ‘creators economy’.  


I started adulthood the unconventional way and instead of going to university I went head, hands and heart first into the workforce, moving my way around the globe working for various companies within the wellness industry, and embraced an apprenticeship style of learning. Along the way gaining qualifications in mindfulness,  psyco-somatic’s (body/mind psychology), yoga therapy, copywriting and business coaching. 

In 2013 I went on to open my first business in Western Australia, and have since built two successful brands in New Zealand, parallel to growing my family. It hasn’t been easy, at times it’s felt near impossible but through the practice of trust, opportunity follows. I’ve always lived by the mindset that if you want something enough, you can lean towards creativity to make it happen. Business has provided me with a ripe creative space to keep exploring how to do things better, and use creativity as a resource for healing. 


Your journey in business can be your very own personal vision quest, one marked by courage, resilience and a willingness to learn. It’s a journey I’d be honoured to accompany you on because your impact is important to me. When you succeed, we all succeed. Prioritising your wellbeing along the way isn’t about self care practices, though they’re brilliant byproducts of the journey – it’s about being willing to make connections, to all parts of your life, one step at a time.

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