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Our workshops and keynotes offer a mindset and heart-set shift around workplace culture - one that’s creative, relevant and holistic. 

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As experts in facilitating connected and creative experiences, we aim to provide grounded learning environments that spark a growth mindset. Our goal is to help audiences feel seen, supported and safe enough to be themselves. Why? Because authenticity is strongly linked to a sense of belonging, and purpose. 

We invite you, and your team into a creative, inclusive space to inspire ideas and practices that can positively change the way you think, feel and relate to your work. 

Our workshops


Keynote speaker- Amy Luttrell

As a speaker, Amy focuses her energy and intention on who’s in the room. All of our collective experiences add up to the people we are today and that’s so crucial to building the right teams, workplaces and communities around the impact we all yearn to have. 

Amy invites audiences to live into their questions about leadership and what it takes to be a leader in the world today. For it’s when we start examining the role of ’self’ in business, we can start to understand how to build community and finally feel a sense of belonging.

Keynote speaker topics

Wellbeing at work

How to integrate mindfulness into the workplace


The death of hustle culture


Bridging SELF to business


Mindfulness as a way of life


The power of meditation


What it means to ‘be well’


Building a growth mindset

Resilience as a muscle


Unpacking the creative process


Why creativity is essential in business


Creative practices to nurture your heart

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