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The Creative Reset

Unlock Your Creative Potential in 4 Transformative Weeks (4 online events held via Zoom)

Do you crave clarity and confidence to move your business and life forward?

Welcome to The Creative Reset Online Program – a 4-week journey designed to recalibrate your creativity, calm your nervous system, and soothe your artistic soul. In this month together you'll reignite your connection to the things in your life that spark joy, and forge a path to success with confidence.

What's Inside The Creative Reset:

Four Online Workshops Over Four Weeks: Immerse yourself in workshops designed to reset your creativity, calm your nervous system, and bring you back to your values. You'll uncover the secrets to life design, and how to use creativity as a tool to feel deeply fulfilled in your life and business.

Exclusive Creative Hub: Stay connected and supported between workshops in our exclusive Facebook group. Engage with like-minded creative business owners, share insights, and receive personalised guidance to keep you grounded and ontrack.

Intentional Action for Impact and Income: Practical ways to move beyond self-doubt, and take intentional action. Get clear on your desires and design a life that not only nourishes your soul but also boosts your impact and income.

Why The Creative Reset Is Perfect For You:

Escape the Hustle Trap: Bid farewell to hustle culture. It's time to find success without sacrificing your well-being.

Align with Purpose: Rediscover your sense of purpose and connect it to your creative work.

Mindful Wealth: You're ready to grow a loving relationship to money, and thrive financially while pursuing your creative dreams.

Design a Nourishing Life: Get clear on what you want, embrace daily pleasures and craft a life that nourishes your creativity and business success.


What You'll Gain:

Clarity and Focus: Rediscover your values and gain clarity on your business and life goals.

Renewed Energy and Grounding: Reset your creativity, calm your nervous system, and feel a new sense of energy and grounding.

Impact, Income, and Intention: We'll show you a simple lifestyle approach that aligns you to more impact, increased income, and intentional action in your business and life.

As the facilitator of The Creative Reset Online Program, Amy invites you to embark on a journey where creativity becomes a compass for success. Through her diverse background and wealth of knowledge, Amy will guide you in rediscovering your values, gaining clarity on your creative vision, and crafting a life that blends well-being with creative living.


Join Amy on this transformative 4 weeks. Your version of success is important to her because when you feel at your best, you can show up and do your best work in the world. Amy is ready to accompany you on your path to impact, income, and intentional living.


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Investment $444 (+5% booking fee)


March 12th 7pm - 8.30pm 

March 19th 7pm -8.30pm 

March 26th 7pm -8.30pm 

April 4th 7pm-8.30pm


Awaken: Explore Your Creativity

Reclaim your creativity  by removing the habits that deplete your energy, and reconnect with your values, setting the foundation for an inspired 4 week journey.

Clarity: Craft Your Vision

Explore practices that will gain clarity on your creative goals, and craft daily habits that are conducive for your wellbeing, your self-expression and your fulfilment.

Authenticity: Bridge Values with Creativity

Learn how to connect the dots in your life to design your version of success, this will include making decisions that align with your values. You're the conductor of your life, and in this workshop we'll explore how to express confidence from the inside out; so you can craft the results you desire.

Life Design: Blend
Well-health and Creative Living

Bringing it altogether, by week 4 you'll have reinspired your values, embodied clarity, and confidence and are ready to call forward well-health. We're going to uncover financial goals with mindful wealth creation, and design a path for creative and prosperous living.

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