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Find yourSelf in Business

1:1 coaching program for founders and creative entrepreneurs 

Business is a relational practice, much like creativity. We help you filter out the distractions and focus on the practices that design lasting results.

This program gives you the skills and insight needed to understand the “why” behind what you want, and how to action it.

We blend coaching, mentoring and advisory to unpack your ideas and business model, then connect you with the right resources to build momentum, and stay-the-course.

You will learn:

- How to prioritise your time, and manage budgets.

- How to use design to unlock your brand voice and impact.

- How to zoom out of the day-to-day and design a plan that aligns with YOUR version of success.

- How to make your own course corrections when needed, and stay agile through change.

- How to get at the root cause of the decisions you make, so you can create the results you want in life and business.


This program is designed to:

-  Give a tangible plan to keep growing your ideas.

- Feel confident to lead your business through change. 

- Leverage tools that help you put creative thinking into action.

- Gain accountability to think big, execute on the little things, and understand how it all fits together.

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