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Find yourSelf at work

1:1 career and self leadership coaching program

A person’s career path is like a fingerprint — no two journeys are the same. It’s natural to feel like you’re outgrowing your job at times, because you’re meant to grow. This doesn’t have to mean radical, overwhelming change. What it often means is an opportunity to reframe the way you’re relating to your work and encourage a new mindset for success.

This program focuses on three main pillars of self-leadership and how to integrate these qualities into your career.


Knowing who you are, and why your uniqueness is important helps you feel connected and supports a sense of belonging.


Understanding your creativity is what fosters optimism in your thinking. This encourages you to embrace the problem and discover the solution.


Growing a relationship to your WHY at work helps you zoom out of the day-to-day challenges, and create clarity about your impact. 

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