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Find yourSelf in Business

1:1 business coaching for purpose-driven individuals and brands who are wanting more impact, more income and more inspired action.

Business is a relational practice, much like creativity. I help you filter out the distractions and focus on the practices that'll move you towards what you want.

This program gives you the skills and insight needed to understand the “why” behind what you want, and how to action it.

I blend coaching, mentoring and advisory to unpack your ideas and your current business model, then connect you with the rituals and resources to build momentum, reclaim your vitality, and


As a purpose-led individual, I'm assuming you have values that act as guides in the way you work and create. Whether you're conscious of them or not, together, we'll demystify how these values can move you through the decisions and changes you're experiencing.

Check out my business values here

Topics covered in this program will be largely dependent on your goals and reflections that come through in your prework questionnaire and in our first coaching session. The value in 1:1 coaching is we are able to dive deep into your world, review where you're at, where you want to be, and uncover new perspectives from your brain that'll help develop an action plan to get you what you want.

Here is a general breakdown of the coaching process: 

You will learn:

- How to prioritise your time, and manage budgets.

- How to use design to unlock your brand voice and impact.

- How to zoom out of the day-to-day and design a plan that aligns with YOUR version of success.

- How to make your own course corrections when needed, and stay agile through change.

- How to get at the root cause of the decisions you make, so you can create the results you want in life and business.


This program is designed to:

-  Give a tangible plan to keep growing your ideas.

- Feel confident to lead your business through change. 

- Leverage tools that help you put creative thinking into action.

- Gain accountability to think big, execute on the little things, and understand how it all fits together.

Options to work together


6 months Coaching Program

2x 1.5-hour coaching sessions done via zoom

x10 1-hour coaching sessions done via zoom

Between session coaching support via whatsapp and email

(Recommended 14 days between coaching sessions)


$5000 NZD upfront payment

(payment plans are available on request) 

Meet your Coach:

Kia ora, If you're reading this, it means you've heard about me via my website, social media, word of mouth, or all of the above.


We've been on a call together by now, so you have an idea of my vibe and how I can help you become more yourSELF in business.


My journey in business has been a wild one. I spent my twenties being wildly ambitious and saying yes to everything! This attitude landed me some epic experiences, made some good money, and moved me around the globe (I've lived in Australia, London, Japan, Canada, and spent some time in the States). I've started and sold two successful wellness brands and made multiple mistakes along the way. I've run the highs and lows, and a few years after becoming a mama to my first kid (he's now 7) I experienced burnout. A few years later I navigated life changing adversity when covid hit, and both my Dad and Step Dad died suddenly within 11 months of each other. Talk about being hit by a tidal wave of grief and stress. It wasn't easy, but it was all an invitation - an invitation to get to know myself better, get even clearer about what I wanted, and use my heart, mind, and skills to keep growing as a creative woman and as a brand. Why I'm sharing this with you is because vulnerability is the keystone to forming a conducive coaching container, one where both you and I can show up present, and you can feel safe to come as you are.


Life is dynamic - it's normal that it affects your business and it's normal to want to switch things up. Why? Because your business is a mirror to or extension of what's going on inside of you. It's meant to be messy at times, and it can also be a rich self-discovery journey. In my experience, the people who succeed in business recognise the importance of their own influence on the impact they're creating in the world, big or small. 


Your journey in business can be your very own personal vision quest, one marked by courage, creativity and a willingness to learn and un-learn. It's a journey I'd be honoured to accompany you on because when you grow, we all grow. When you succeed, we all succeed.


Consider this your personal invitation to expand into the person you're becoming.





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