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Friday tips and tricks

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Mindset shift to help you and your business/brand grow through change.

Firstly let’s define business vs brand. Your business is what produces the service or product you provide and your brand is your identity, the way you stand out to your clients and how people will relate to you.

Your brand is not the final destination — it’s a journey with multiple milestones.

Lets stop thinking about your brand as something you build once and then it’s done. You need to understand that brand building and management is a JOURNEY that will last through the entire life cycle of your business.

Your business will go through different stages during it’s lifecycle: infancy, adolescence, maturity, and retirement. Your brand might go through different stages during that lifecycle as well.

If you are meeting road blocks, this can be a sign to get back to the soul purpose of your business ~ YOUR BRAND.

Once you stop thinking about branding as a one time project, and start seeing it as an ongoing process with multiple smaller milestones, it becomes a natural function of your business.

Just as your business evolves, your brand will too and scheduling in conscious time to plan how you grow through those change cycles, can be the most potent time spent ON your business.

We are cheering you on, and love to see you grow!

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