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The art of Creative living

"Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones”. Bruce Garrabrandt

Welcome to our creative community of business owners, thought leaders, and curious souls. We’re shaped by our individual and collective experiences, the person you are today is the outcome of the information you’ve absorbed from the people, environments and customs you’ve been exposed to. Creativity acts as a tool to decide what happens next. Where do you choose to go from here?

Our mission is to remind you of how creative you are, to live into your questions, and slowly but surely bridge the gap between you (the self) and the work and impact you’re growing in the world. This to us is an art, which makes you the artist of your own life.

Approaching your work like an artist means you let go of the belief that you’re not creative and you reclaim your right to be successful. You stop waiting for perfect moments to arrive before you decide your course of action and you start “seeing” the full landscape of your opportunities.

We know, this stuff can sound kinda abstract. It’s meant to be.

Your job is to rebirth your imagination and shape your ideas into something that is tangible. This, our friend, is your Creative Process! It’s a journey we would be honoured to accompany you on.

Turning an idea into something real requires courage, not confidence.

Skill is important, but it’s not the main contributor. An ability to release control and trust in the parts of yourself that are still learning fuels your creative process, and opens you up to possibilities that were once not visible.

Being the artist of your life, you’re living by design. To embrace design at its core is to be open to unlearning, emptying out expired ideas, values, and beliefs to allow new ones to emerge.

Our website is now LIVE, a project that has taken us 3years and one hell of an emptying out. It’s simple, and to get to simple has been complex. But we’re here, to grow as a creative community.

With love,

Amy, Sina & The Be Well + Good Team


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